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bauhaus blinds

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bauhaus blinds

Your Ultimate Source for Plantation Shutters and Blinds in the Coleraine Area.

Internal Shutters

Shutters provide a simple and effective way to transform your home. Interior
plantation shutters are today's iconic interior design feature. There is simply no better technique for window dressing. Ever so popular shutters are very sleek but also a very practical product, which has both tilt control as well as fully open and to the wall outside the window recess. Shutters are a perfect way to dress your windows to welcome light in a modern and charming style. As the shutter forms a permanent fixture in your home, unlike curtains or blinds, their installation increases the desirability and value of your home.
The three styles of Plantation Shutters we offer are tailored to how much privacy and light you want. Full Height Shutter styles cover the whole window, each panel is opened in one piece. Whereas Cafe Style Shutters cover the lower section only, great for properties overlooked only from the lower level, allowing an abundance of light at the top. Our Tier on Tier Style Shutters is designed as two independent sections (top and bottom), giving you the flexibility to open each section separately. We also offer tracked bi-fold shutters, tracked parallel panels and shaped shutters for Arched and Shaped Windows.

Roman Blinds

Made from a piece of flat fabric, a Roman blind has a poly-cotton or black outlining attached to the back, to form a sealed pocket. When raised the fabric automatically folds and stacks on top of itself, creating a series of neat horizontal folds. When closed, lowered, the fabric becomes flat again to entirely cover the window. The pleats are made by the insertion of slim wooden, metal or plastic rods, known as dowels across the back of the fabric. Roman blinds have been used as an effective window covering for centuries. When being installed in bathrooms or kitchens, the material of the blind should be a suitable waterproof, easily cleanable fabric. Roman blinds can be installed with or without accompanying curtains. They provide a very stylish backdrop for any room. The large flat surfaces allowing you to get the most from our selection of fabric pattern, for either a classic or modern look. The blackout property of these blinds allows for maximum comfort and privacy with the chance to make a strong style statement with the fabric of your choice. 

Wooden Venetian

With their modern style and easy-to-adjust horizontal slats, Venetian blinds are super versatile and look good just about anywhere. Creating a neat, graphic look adds a modern, minimal feel with great practicality. Wooden Venetian blinds are most suitable for living spaces with no moisture and Faux Wood Venetians are the ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Larger 50 mm slatted blinds provide a great shutter-style look to a room and can be a good way to achieve a similar look, at a much more affordable price. Wooden blinds provide an elegant, classic element to any home decor. Adding a touch of timeless natural beauty to your home. From chic farmhouse country home to a modern Scandinavian look, they add a feel of solid, classic quality to any room. Coming in a range of stains to match any existing features, such as doors, floors and furniture, wooden Venetians have an architectural feel that adds a look of completeness to the house, looking great inside and from outside the house. 

Duette Blinds

Capture light beautifully and create a feeling of pure comfort in your home. Cellular Blinds are also known by their Trade Marked names such as Duette, Honeycell, Hive, Honeycomb. These shades perfectly diffuse light and provide extraordinary, energy efficiency in your home, no matter the season. The unique design creates an insulating barrier at your windows to regulate the temperature in a room, while at the same time reducing your energy costs. Available in a large range of contemporary and classic styles and gorgeous colours, exclusive patterns to enhance the interior of your home. From subtle Grey to warm tones and textures, Duette blinds add style and sophistication to every window and room. Whatever your decor style, our Duette fabric
range will help you control light beautifully with a choice of transparency and privacy options to suit every room from light filtering to room darkening. Up to 50% of homes heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows, but with the unique design of Duette thermal blinds, your home stays cooler in summer, warmer in winter and insulated all year round. We are proud to say our latest range of fabrics is A++ energy rated. 

Duo Roller Blinds

Vision blinds or duo roller binds are the latest modern designs on the market for
roller blinds. In addition, they are also known as Zebra blinds, duo-roller, Vision
blinds, or day and night blinds depending on the supplier. Twist, duo roller or duo
light are other names that may be used for this type of blind. Duo Roller blinds
consist of a top cassette, with horizontal strips of a translucent and opaque
alternating fabric. As the two translucent fabrics line up, the light can pass through
both fabrics. When the blind is down or partially down, you have the option of aligning the
translucent fabric, creating a very stylish and fashionable striped effect.
Alternatively, for more privacy, you can cross align the fabric opaque to translucent
giving a similar effect to a traditional roller blind. With total control of light and privacy, these new blinds are ideally suited for south-facing rooms in your home but will look equally impressive in any room. The blind is operated by an endless chain upon which we would recommend fitting a child safety
device as required or go for motorised remote control or through an app and smart hub.

Vertical Blinds

Hanging like elegant curtains, vertical blinds can add a great finishing touch to any living room or bedroom. Still in the more affordable end of window coverings, vertical blinds can provide additional window dressing, installed with or without curtains. They are an extremely versatile choice, being both functional and attractive. The louvres are available in a variety of widths, making the blinds customisation to any window size. The simple operation and discrete installation of vertical blinds makes them an elegant and efficient window covering, ideal for living and work spaces. The removable nature of the louvres make them easy to clean and maintain. Installed with curtains, vertical blinds can add a vibrant look as sunlight passes through your windows. They are not only effective at blocking daylight, but they add subtle nuance to the lighting in the room, allowing you to achieve the perfect ambience you want for your space. With adjustable sun protection, privacy and range of fabric finish these blinds add comfort and aesthetics to any room. 

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds add softness and texture to rooms, and are a neat and practical solution for providing shade and privacy. While they may not be the first style you think of when choosing blinds. The main advantage of choosing pleated blinds is that you can position them at the top or at the bottom of your window. This ideal if you want to let plenty of light into your room while still preserving privacy. Special support systems will keep the pleats in place, ensuring they are evenly spaced. Pleated blinds are ideal for conservatories and glass extensions. They offer a soft shading effect, filtering sunlight so the room does not become too hot, maintaining a comfortable temperature. Additional UV blocking can be given with our special Advanced Solar Control backing finishes. As pleated blinds can be fitted directly onto the frame, they're great for tilt and turn windows and hard to reach skylights. With a perfect minimal look, pleated blinds concertina out of sight at the top or bottom of the window. Many pleated blind systems are cordless, making them child safe by design. Two-tone pleated blinds can be made to order, in contrasting tones or shades, and can even be mixed and matched with translucent materials.

Perfect Fit

Louvolite Perfect Fit is a revolutionary system that allows blinds to be fitted
perfectly onto double glazed windows and doors. They are a practical and slimline solution for PVCu windows and doors, throughout the home. Perfect fit blinds offer a fuss-free installation, simply clipping on to brackets between the glass and beading of your window. Due to this, they fit neatly inside the frame, with no drilling or screws. These blinds are ideal for shaped windows.
Perfect Fit Blinds come with a wide range of blind types including Venetian, roller, vision and pleated or cellular blinds, allowing them to fit in with any other decor or interior finish. Developed by Louvolite, this highly efficient system for blind installation minimises all issues. The large range of designs contemporary and traditional, ensure that they can suit every space. It is the blind design of choice for orangeries, conservatories, sunrooms and glass extensions. Whether you select a contemporary design for the living room, a blackout fabric for the bedroom or a moisture resistant print for the bathroom, our fabrics collection in combination with the Perfect Fit system is the ultimate style choice. 

Roller Blinds

Modern, sleek and budget-friendly, roller blinds are a great addition to any room. If your room is on the small side, then rollers are a wise choice. Their simple design fits closely to windows and tends to visually disappear, whether rolled up or down. As they are self-contained and usually installed within the window recess, they don't get entangled in radiators or other items of furniture, as curtains can.
The most important thing when selecting blinds is the opacity factor, how much light do you want to block out? There is a wide range from dim out levels 1-5 available, from translucent to blackout. The blackout feature is what makes roller blinds an ideal choice for bedrooms. Encompassing an almost limitless option of colours and fabric textures, roller blinds allow you to match your room perfectly or to create a stand out feature in your room.
Moisture resistant materials are the smart choice for bathrooms and kitchens, providing an easy to clean surface too. The results with roller blinds are pleasingly minimal, allowing the rest of your room to

Top Down Blinds

Top Down Bottom Up Multi-zone Blinds are the latest and best system for ultimate control. They allow the user to have the fabric operate like a regular free hanging blind, and also allow the user to lower the fabric from the top, revealing the upper aspect of the window. This provides the ultimate choice in privacy and light control. Having top down control of the fabric allows you to block overlooking and retain that view of the sky above.  If you have views of the sea, forests, mountains and still have homes or people in the lower aspect, this will allow the user to retain that beautiful view and retain full privacy. Great for coastal properties where your view of the Sea and headlands are the greatest asset of your property.
At Bauhaus Blinds, we have a full range of 23 systems which include multizone, free-hanging, electric and battery-operated for Pleated and Duette fabrics. The top down bottom up system can be applied to shaped windows which include polygonal and triangular shapes. This then extends to conservatory roof blinds which we are both trained, experienced and can supply with both manual and electric control. With the battery or mains powered electric systems, the user can also use the home hub and smartphone app to operate them locally or remotely.

Panel Blind

The versatile and contemporary way to control light, glare, view and privacy in both domestic and commercial installations. The Panel Blind is the new and innovative shading solution for larger windows and patio doors that look fabulous in both contemporary and traditional interior design schemes.
The Panel Blind is also stunning as a stylish room divider and is available in a range of designs that are complementary to today's busy lifestyle. What makes the panel blind so unique is the wide panels that reflect and filter daylight so effectively. When open, the panels stack neatly behind one another allowing maximum light into the room. Sliding the panels into the closed position creates a complete fabric screen providing light control and increased privacy as each panel overlaps the other by approximately 50 mm. Available in natural-looking fabrics, screens, faux-suede and even woven wood look fabrics.  A Panel Blind will transform the look of any room with its cultured, sophisticated appearance. Choose from a wide range of colours and contemporary pattern designs, blackout and traditional fabrics and slide-draw or split-draw operation. Panel Blinds offer a unique opportunity to
express yourself by mixing and matching colours, patterns and fabrics to create your own bespoke window decoration.

Visage by Louvolite


Visage blinds are the latest in modern luxury window furnishings, offering the latest in fabric and mechanical innovation.  For full details on their ranges please check out their website. Be confident to know that Bauhaus Blinds are a professional supplier and fitter of all Louvolite products.

In their own words:


"Add a touch of style and luxury to your room with Visage blinds, a brand new window furnishing that revolutionises the way light
and privacy is controlled, bringing a soft and soothing ambience to your room."

"The Visage blind fabric collection is an extensive range of luxury fabrics, colours and textures, all carefully created in order to complement any interior design. The collection is truly impressive and embraces current tastes and trends making it a stylish addition to your home."

"Each made to measure Visage blind is tailored to your individual requirements. Visage blinds can be fitted onto windows and doors up to 2.5m wide, making them an ideal solution for larger windows, bi-folding and patio doors."

"Visage blinds will reduce heat and glare even when tilted open. When closed, up to 100% protection from ultra-violet light can be achieved."

"Visage blinds can be finished off beautifully with an Open Cassette available in a range of colours from white, black, bronze, chrome or satin, or a Closed Cassette in white or black, both ideal for neatly concealing the mechanism of the blind. These beautiful painted and metallic head rails can be coordinating or contrasting to the fabric. The additional option of having a matching fabric profile in your cassette allows for a truly personalised window furnishing."

"Increase privacy levels and filter daylight more conveniently with the addition of luxury motorisation for your Visage blind. Using
the rechargeable battery powered motor with remote control, you can raise or lower your blind at the touch of a button."

"Louvolite One Touch™ brings you motorisation at surprisingly low prices
as the battery-powered motors require no wiring, making installation quick, clean and simple."

Metal Venetian

With almost limitless colour matching and a sturdy robust construction, metal Venetian blinds are a great solution for working spaces. The no nonsense slimline design, with highest quality mechanisms comes at the best value prices. Aluminium is strong, robust and stylish. Whether you want smart and simple colours or texture, wood effects, etc. the versatile material is perfect for any environment. You can also use these Venetian blinds in your kitchen or bathroom as the Aluminium slats are also waterproof
and simply wipe clean. Each blind also has a simple tilting mechanism to give you complete control, perfect for sunny, south-facing rooms. As well as flat colours, we offer a range of Venetian blinds with a choice of metallic finishes and designs as well as perforated slats, that allow soft filtered light into your home, while giving ultimate privacy.

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