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Special benefits or features of Internal Shutters




Internal Shutters are great for additional insulation to keep the heat in and cold out. They are also very good at reducing street noise.

Make sure you get a qualified company to help choose the correct configuration and then fit and hang your panels correctly. Bauhaus Blinds has that knowledge and experience. 

Shutters are the one true value adding window dressing. Bauhaus Blinds will get you the best price for that quality product with 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

Gallery of Products below from Bauhaus Blinds
Many more options available

 for a free consultation, window measurement and quotation.

Internal , interior or plantation Shutters provide a simple and effective way to transform your home. Interior
shutters are today's iconic interior design feature. There is simply no better technique for window dressing. Here at Bauhaus Blinds and shutters Coleraine, we stock the highest quality shutters.  Ever so popular shutters are very sleek but also a very practical product, which has both tilt control as well as fully open and to the wall outside the window recess. Shutters are a perfect way to dress your windows to welcome light in a modern and charming style. As the shutter forms a permanent fixture in your home, unlike curtains or blinds, their installation increases the desirability and value of your home.
The three styles of Plantation Shutters we offer are tailored to how much privacy and light you want. Full Height Shutter styles cover the whole window, each panel is opened in one piece. Whereas Cafe Style Shutters cover the lower section only, great for properties overlooked only from the lower level, allowing an abundance of light at the top. Our Tier on Tier Style Shutters is designed as two independent sections (top and bottom), giving you the flexibility to open each section separately. We also offer tracked bi-fold shutters, tracked parallel panels and shaped shutters for Arched and Shaped Windows.

1 If you are located in any of the areas listed below, you automatically qualify for our fantastic Free home consultation.

Knocktarna Grange BT52, Knocktarna Manor BT52, Kurin Lane BT51, Kurin Road BT51, Kylebeg Avenue BT52, Kylemore Road BT51, Kyles Brae BT51, Laburnum Place BT52, Lakeside Court BT52, Lakeside Drive BT52, Lakeside Gardens BT52, Lakeside Lane BT52, Lambeth Way BT51, Larchfield Gardens BT51, Laurel Avenue BT51, Laurel Grove BT51, Laurel Hill Gardens BT51, Laurel Hill Road BT51, Laurel Mount Road BT51, Laurel Park BT51, Learden Crescent BT51, Legavallon Road BT51, Letterloan Road BT51, Liffock Avenue BT51, Liffock Court BT51, Liffock Crescent BT51,



Liffock Park BT51, Lilac Avenue BT52, Limavady Road BT51, Lime Market Street BT52, Linden Avenue BT52, Lisachrin Road BT51, Lisboy Lane BT51, Liscall Road BT51, Lislea Court BT51, Lismoyle Road BT51, Lismurphy Avenue BT51, Lisnablagh Road BT52, Lisnagreen Lisnagrot Road BT51, Lisnagrot Road BT51, Lisnamuck Park BT51, Lisnamuck Road BT51, Lisnascreghog Road BT51, Liswatty Road BT52, Litchfield Park BT51, Lodge Manor BT52, Lodge Park BT52, Lodge Road BT52, Lodge Road Mews BT52, Loguestown Court BT52, Loguestown Green BT52, Loguestown Industrial Estate BT52, Loguestown Park BT52, Loguestown Road BT52, Long Commons BT52, Loughan Road BT52,

Loughanhill Industrial Estate BT52, Loughanhill Industrial Estate Gateside Road BT52, Loughanhill Park BT52, Loughview Park BT51, Lower Paddocks BT51, Lyttlesdale BT51, Macleary Road BT51, Macleary Road Macosquin BT51, Maddybenny Park BT52, Maghera Street BT51, Magheramore Road BT51, Main Street Castlerock BT51, Main Street Garvagh BT51, Managher Road BT51, Managher Road Aghadowey BT51, Manor Court BT51, Maple Drive BT52, Maple Lodge BT52, Martins Brae BT52, Masteragwee Crescent BT51, Masteragwee Road BT51, Masteragwee Terrace BT51, Mayboy Road BT51, Mayboy Terrace BT51, Mayboy View BT51, Maybrook Avenue BT52, Maybrook Park BT52, Mayoughill Road BT51, Mayrs Lane BT52, Maythorn Avenue BT52,



Mettican Road BT51, Mill Court BT51, Mill Lane BT51, Mill Lane Ballymadigan Road BT51, Mill Road BT51, Mill Street BT52, Millbrook Gardens BT51, Millburn Road BT52, Millview Gardens BT51, Moneybrannon Road BT51, Moneybrannon Road Aghadowey BT51, Moneycarrie Road Aghadowey BT51, Moneycarrie Road Garvagh BT51, Moneydig Park BT51, Moneydig Road Garvagh BT51, Moneydig Road Kilrea BT51, Moneygran Lane BT51, Moneygran Road BT51, Moneysallin Park BT51, Moneysallin Road BT51, Mossvale Park BT52, Mount Court BT52, Mount Street BT52, Mount Street Mews BT52, Mountfield Drive BT52, Mountsandel Manor BT52, Mountsandel Road BT52, Mountview Gardens BT51, Movanagher Road BT51, Movenis Hill BT51,

Movenis Road BT51, Moyagoney Road BT51, Mulberry Gardens BT52, Mullaghinch Road BT51, Mullan Road BT51, Mussenden Close BT51, Mussenden Crescent BT51, Mussenden Gardens BT51, Mussenden Grange BT51, Mussenden Grove BT51, Mussenden Road BT51, Mussenden View BT51, New Market Street BT52, New Row BT52, New Row BT51, Newbridge Drive BT52, Newbridge Park BT52, Newbridge Road BT52, Newmills Road BT52, Newmills Road Lower BT52, Norwell Park BT51, Norwood Court BT52, Nursery Avenue BT52, Oakfield Place BT51, Oakland Walk BT52, Oakvale Park BT52, Ocean View BT51, Old Court Market Castlerock Road BT51, Old Model Court BT51, Orchardville BT51,



Osborne Park BT51, Park Street BT52, Pates Lane BT51, Plantation Road BT51, Portna Road BT51, Portrush Road BT52, Portstewart Road BT52, Princess Gardens BT51, Promenade BT51, Pullans Road BT52, Queen Street BT52, Queens Court BT52, Queens Park BT51, Quickthorn Place BT52, Quilly Road BT51, Quilly Road Castlerock BT51, Railway Place BT52, Railway Road BT52, Ramsey Park BT51, Rathain Fold Union Street BT52, Rathbeg Avenue BT51, Ratheane Avenue BT52, Rectory Park BT51, Rectory Road BT52, Redlands Crescent BT51, Redthorn Court BT52, Redwood Park BT51, Rhee Lane Curragh Road BT51, Richmond Drive BT52, Rinfield Court Brook Street BT52,

Ring Road BT52, Ringrash Road BT51, Rinvarna Court BT52, Riversdale Crescent BT52, Riversdale Road BT52, Riverside Park BT51, Riverside Park East BT51, Riverside Park North BT51, Riverside Park South BT51, Riverside Regional Centre BT51, Riverview Avenue BT51, Rochester Court BT52, Rockland Park BT51, Rockmount Gardens BT51, Rosemary Place BT52, Rothsay Court Abbey Street BT52, Rugby Avenue BT52, Rugby Road BT52, Rusky Park BT51, Rusky Road BT51, Sandel Court BT52, Sandel Grove BT52, Sandel Park BT52, Sandel Village Centre Knocklynn Road BT52, Sandeldale BT52, Sandelfields BT52, Sandelford Court Mountsandel Road BT52, Sandelwood Avenue BT52, School Lane BT51, Sconce Road Articlave BT51,



Sconce Road Macosquin BT51, Screen Road BT51, Sea Road BT51, Seacoast Road BT51, Seacon Road BT52, Seacourt Mews BT51, Seapark BT51, Sedgemoor Close BT51, Shanlongford Road BT51, Shell Bridge Park BT52, Shell Hill Court BT52, Shell Hill Crescent BT52, Shell Hill Mews BT52, Shell Hill Square BT52, Shinny Lane Shinny Road BT51, Shinny Road BT51, Shuttle Hill BT51, Silverthorn Avenue BT52, Slaghtaverty Lane BT51, Slemish Place BT51, Slieve Banna Road BT51, Society Court BT52, Society Street BT52, Solitude Park BT51, Somerdale Grove BT51, Somersby Avenue BT51, Somerset Court BT51, Somerset Crescent BT51, Somerset Drive BT51, Somerset Mews BT51,

Somerset Park BT51, Somerset Ridge BT51, Somerset Road BT51, Somerton Grange BT51, Somerton Lodge BT51, Somervale Grange BT51, Spa-Well Gardens BT52, Spencer Row BT51, Sperrin Business Park Ballycastle Road BT52, Spittal Hill BT52, Spoutfields BT51, Spring Meadows BT51, Springbank Road BT51, Springfield Road BT51, Springvale Lane BT51, Springwell Crescent BT51, Sprucefield Drive BT52, St. Columbs Park BT51, St. Johns Place BT51, St. Patricks Avenue BT52, St. Pauls Road BT51, Stable Lane BT52, Stable Lane BT51, Station Road BT51, Stone Row BT52, Strand Place BT51, Strand Road BT51, Strandview Cottages BT51, Strandview Mews BT51, Strathard Close BT51,



Tamlaght Road BT51, Taylors Row BT52, Temple Park BT51, Temple Road BT51, Terrace Row BT52, The Apple Yard BT51, The Boulevard BT52, The Brambles BT52, The Cranagh Cromore Road BT52, The Creeve BT51, The Crescent BT52, The Cutts BT51, The Diamond BT52, The Diamond BT51, The Fairways Castlerock BT51, The Fairways Kilrea BT51, The Hawthorns BT52, The Paddocks BT51, The Rope Walk BT51, The Salmon Leap Castleroe Road BT51, The Walled Garden BT51, Thompsons Crescent BT51, Thornlea Drive BT52, Tibaran Cottages BT51, Timaconway Park BT51, Timaconway Road BT51, Tirkeeran Road BT51, Tobartee Crescent BT51, Tobartee Park BT51, Toberdoney Fold New Row BT51,

Tullans Park BT52, Tullyarton Road BT52, Tullybeg Avenue BT51, Tunnel Brae BT51, Turnerstown Lane BT51, Union Street BT52, Union Street Mews BT52, University Court BT52, University Gardens BT52, University Park BT52, Upper Abbey Street BT52, Warke Place BT51, Warnocks Lane BT52, Waterford Drive BT52, Waterside BT51, Wattstown Business Park Newbridge Road BT52, Wattstown Crescent BT52, Weavers Court BT51, Westbourne Crescent BT51, Westbrook Court BT52, Wheatfield Avenue BT51, Wheatfield Crescent BT51, Wheatfield Drive BT51, Wheatfield Gardens BT51, Wheatfield Park BT51, Wheatsheaf Park BT51, Wheatsheaf Road BT51, Whitefalls Road BT51, Willow Court BT52, Willow Drive BT52,



Willowbrook Lane BT52, Willowbrook Park BT52, Willowfield Avenue BT52, Willowfield Drive BT52, Willowfield Gardens BT52, Willowfield Mews BT52, Willowfield Park BT52, Wimslow Manor BT51, Windsor Avenue BT52,

Windyhall Park BT52, Windyhill Road BT51, Winston Way BT51, Woodburn Crescent BT52, Woodend Park BT51, Woodford Park BT51, Woodland Park BT52, Woodland Park BT51, Woodtown Lane BT51, ,

Proudly Serving the North Coast

Shutters and blinds supplied to Derry / Londonderry, Eglinton, Dungiven, Limavady, Ballykelly, Castlerock, Magilligan, Coleraine as well as the  Portstewart, Portrush, Bushmills, Portballintrea, Ballycastle, Ballymoney, Ballymena, Jordanstown, Belfast and all surrounding areas.

Blinds for Caravans, black out blinds, day and night blinds, pressure fit blinds, blinds for sunrooms.

Proudly Serving the North Coast

Shutters and blinds supplied to Derry / Londonderry, Eglinton, Dungiven, Limavady, Ballykelly, Castlerock, Magilligan, Coleraine as well as the  Portstewart, Portrush, Bushmills, Portballentrea, Ballycastle, Ballymoney, Ballymena, Jordanstown, Belfast and all surrounding areas.

Blinds for Caravans, black out blinds, day and night blinds, pressure fit blinds, blinds for sunrooms.

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