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vertical blinds

Vertical Louvre Blinds

Special benefits or features of Vertical Blinds


With limits on other blind types, vertical blinds have the fewest limitations on how large they can be made


If you have differing drop lengths over the same area, vertical blinds can be tailored to suit these variations. They can also exist on a sloping surface of a maximum of 15 degrees.


If your decorating ideas change at any point, vertical blinds offer the least expensive way to give your room a completely new look. Change the design, style and colour with least impact.

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Hanging like elegant curtains, vertical blinds can add a great finishing touch to any living room or bedroom. Still in the more affordable end of window coverings, vertical blinds can provide additional window dressing, installed with or without curtains. They are an extremely versatile choice, being both functional and attractive. The louvres are available in a variety of widths, making the blinds customisation to any window size. The simple operation and discrete installation of vertical blinds makes them an elegant and efficient window covering, ideal for living and work spaces. The removable nature of the louvres make them easy to clean and maintain. Installed with
curtains, vertical blinds can add a vibrant look as sunlight passes through your windows. They are not only effective at blocking daylight, but they add subtle nuance to the lighting in the room, allowing you to achieve the perfect ambience you want for your space. With adjustable sun protection, privacy and range of fabric finish these blinds add comfort and aesthetics to any room. 

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