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Pleated Cellular Blinds

Special benefits or features of Duette Blinds


Duette Blinds have been tested and can reduce heat loss on cold days by up to 46%.

In summer with direct sunlight turning your room into a greenhouse, reduce solar gain and maintain light coming through.


All versions of Duette whether they be free-hanging, in perfect fit, Literise or Smartcord, the ease at which they can be opened and closed is effortless.


For a complete modern look and feel, Duette Blinds are here to stay. A great stylish product that performs really well in all areas and are so much tougher that they appear.

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Many more options available

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Capture light beautifully and create a feeling of pure comfort in your home. Cellular Blinds are also known by their Trade Marked names such as Duette, Honeycell, Hive, Honeycomb. These shades perfectly diffuse light and provide extraordinary, energy efficiency in your home, no matter the season. The unique design creates an insulating barrier at your windows to regulate the temperature in a room, while at the same time reducing your energy costs. Available in a large range of contemporary and classic styles and gorgeous colours, exclusive patterns to enhance the interior of your home. From subtle Grey to warm tones and textures, Duette blinds add style and sophistication to every window and room. Whatever your decor style, our Duette fabric
range will help you control light beautifully with a choice of transparency and privacy options to suit every room from light filtering to room darkening. Up to 50% of homes heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows, but with the unique design of Duette thermal blinds, your home stays cooler in summer, warmer in winter and insulated all year round. We are proud to say our latest range of fabrics is A++ energy rated. 

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